Why an automated hiring process makes sense

automated hiring process

If you are a small business owner, especially in the service industry (retail, restaurant, any company that employees hourly workers), the last thing you probably have time to think about is how, or even why, to improve your hiring process.  High-turnover is just how it is in your business, hourly workers tend to be flaky and you do your best to screen candidates out but inevitably very few hires actually work out long-term.

That may be true, but an automated hiring process can dramatically change things for the productivity of your business.

Hiring is time consuming and expensive.  You have to promote a job opening, attract candidates, review applications, conduct interviews, do reference and background checks, make an offer, get your new hire on-boarded, and ensure they are ramped up quickly on the job you’ve hired them to do.  Not an easy process.  Technology can help.

Imagine if a few clicks of your mouse could take away 50% or more of the manual work you are doing each time you go to make a new hire.  Or even better, putting in place a system that tells you what to do, so you don’t have to think about it.  You just set things up and you are on your way.

How much time would you save and be able to re-direct to other areas of your business that require your attention?

Can an automated hiring process reduce turnover?

There is no silver bullet for helping to reduce turnover – that dreaded, costly reality of life in the service industry.  However, an automated hiring process can certainly make an impact in the following ways:

1.  Make better hiring decisions

If you have a system to organize all of your applicants, gather input from other members of your team, and keep track of all of the steps in the hiring process, you are more inclined to make better hiring decisions, when all of the data is right in front of you.

2.  Encourage better candidate flow

With an automated system that gives you the ability to tap employees for referrals, you can ensure that the quality of your candidate/applicant pool increases, as more warm referrals start to flow in.

3.  Make your managers happy

Managers don’t like sifting through paper job applications and taking extra time out of their day to work on hiring.  Anything that can make the process easier for them is going to reduce their stress level and ultimately make them happier, and as a result, an easier manager to work for.

We live in a highly mobile and social world.  Advances in technology have made it that everybody has everyone and everything they need in the palm of their hands, available at a moment’s notice.  While improving your hiring process may not be the most important thing on your list of to-dos, taking advantage of these advances in technology can make a big impact on your bottom line.

After all – what’s more important then hiring (and retaining) the right people to help you drive your business forward?


Posted by: makena