Why hire a contract recruiter?

Recruiting, as a business function, ebbs and flows as the needs of your organization shift. Today, there may be ten open positions that need to be filled. In three months, that may shift to one or two open positions.

Working with an on-demand, virtual or contract recruiter affords you the flexibility to use what you need, when you need it, without the hassles and headaches that come with overhead on a full-time an employee. A good contract recruiter can quickly ramp up on your business, get to know the key stakeholders (hiring managers), and execute the recruiting function from just about anywhere that has a phone and internet connection.

The biggest concern, of course, will be the ability of the recruiter to reflect your company culture to prospective candidates in a way that feels authentic. Like any good consultant, a good contract recruiter understands that, and will do the initial work upfront to absorb your company values and messaging before they go-to-market presenting job opportunities to candidates.

Like any business function you choose to outsource, you’ll want to stay on top of quality control. What does the candidate experience look like? Are we effectively engaging candidates, or are we missing the mark and driving them away? How well are we converting initial conversations into formal interviews, and most importantly, are we getting the candidates we want to hire to accept our job offers?

When you hire a contract recruiter, a good one will track everything for you. A powerful recruiting platform will surface this data so you won’t have to guess.