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Candidate Tracking Spreadsheet

Candidate Tracking SpreadsheetHR Managers:  Did you know you can use Smartsheet to track all of your open jobs and active candidates?  You can even attach resumes into specific fields.  This is a low-cost (free in some cases) way to automate your hiring process and collaborate with stakeholders.

Smartsheet is like Excel on steroids – it gives you all of the great features from Excel you are used to, but makes them collaborative, so you can track projects with other members of your team, in real-time, on the web or through your mobile phone.

Best of all, you don’t need to get your IT team involved because it’s all hosted in the cloud.

Smartsheet has a pre-configured Candidate Tracking Spreadsheet available in their templates library.  Check it out.  If you need something heavier that includes a company job board, job application templates and complete hiring workflows, set up a free Teamshifter account.